Once Again

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Creativity and problem solving hit its mark again. Why don’t we not only change our environment for our children but for others that need help?  

Finally Here

It’s finally out in all formats!   Phew.   You can find out more information here:   http://www.jameswritinganddesign.com/learn-more-about-be.html     You can see all your purchasing options here:   http://www.jameswritinganddesign.com/books.html    

Good Ideas Are Contagious

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I love seeing the creativity of people. It inspires me, and it continually shows me how much we, as humans, can help others. Surrounding yourself with creativity helps feed your own creativity. Imagine how we could change things, if we … Continued

When Life Is Hard…

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This video really puts things into perspective for me. I realize every time I watch this that God is greater than I can imagine. He has created things I am only realizing in my forties now exist. This is dumbfounding … Continued