10 Free Painterly Textures for Digital Art- L.A. James - July 26-2020

10 Free Painterly Textures

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I’ve been having fun working with light within my paintings, and in the process, I’ve been creating a bunch of painterly textures, which I thought I would share with you.

Textures like this are great for helping create light or change your color scheme. If you don’t want to do that, you can always use it for a painterly texture!

You might wonder why I have grey versions of this painterly texture. It’s simple. Grey will give you the texture, but it will not change your color scheme (if you have 50% grey). I think that is helpful because sometimes I just want the texture.

If you have a texture you like, you can always work with brightness and contrast or even saturation clipping masks within Photoshop to get it closer to a 50% grey tone. To help me figure out where that 50% grey tone is, I create a new layer and make a small rectangular box selection. I fill that with 50% grey with the shortcut key in Photoshop Shift and F5 (this will be different if you are on a MAC). This brings up the dialogue box that allows you to select black, white, color, 50% grey, or content-aware fill options. Choose 50% grey.

Then I work with layer adjustments to try to get the texture I’m working with closer to the 50% grey mark. When I am as close as I can get, I flatten the layer adjustment onto the texture, and I set the texture to overlay or soft light.

Now you have the texture with nothing messing with your colors.

To Use These Resources

Right-click on the image and download it to your computer.

Here are the rules for using my textures. They are simple.

Don’t take the textures and sell them. Don’t claim them as your own. Don’t redistribute them. Just link people back here to pick up their own textures. Use them in commercial or personal projects. You do not have to give me attribution in any manner with your artwork.

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  1. Kurt S Laidlaw

    Lisa, you are an angel. Thanks for sharing these beautiful backgrounds.

  2. Janice

    Thanks Lisa. I appreciate the work you put into making these and actually sharing them

  3. jeri mersky

    These are lovely textures. THANK YOU for making them available!!

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