A Christian Children’s Book That Made Me Laugh

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My family and I are working through an Alistair Begg series. If you don’t know who he is,
I highly recommend him. He is very balanced in his teaching, I think. The series is on Ruth,
and he read a children’s book at the end of the series, which made my whole family laugh.
We liked it so much we listened to him read it again.


This is on my “to buy list” just because of how comical the rhyme was, so I recommend you
look into it also.


The book is called, I Love Ruthie by Phil A. Smouse.


If you follow me closely, you might point out that I said I don’t like these types of books. You are
correct, I don’t typically like this type of artwork; however, I like the humor in this story so much
I am overlooking the artwork.


Yippee! I finally found a Christian book to read to my grandchildren when I am in my sixties.



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