A Good Book Can Be Hard to Find

I love reading. When I was growing up, I would ask for a bunch of books for Christmas
and my birthday. I used to be on the big publishing houses’ mailing lists, so I could see
what books were coming out. I would then research the books, and get my local Christian
bookstore to order it in for me. This was back before you could actually order directly online.
I remember one day, I trotted into the bookstore, and the owner asked me how I was finding
all of these books? I told her my methodology for finding Christian books. She told me she
watched my lists and then ordered those for her bookstore. I was a little puzzled that she didn’t
actually think about requesting information directly from the publishers.


I guess there are different tiers to book lover, and I must fall into a fanatic.




I really like books, but I am frustrated at the poor level of books that actually come out for children
when you look at the Christian line. Either the story is cheesy or Jesus looks Caucasian, or it is basic
illustrative techniques, and I do not like that type of simplistic art. As I sit and think about this, I realize
I can’t think of one book I own that would be designated Christian besides Be ~Biblical Wisdom for
Children, which is in production. I don’t think I can count that yet.


Sadly, what is on the market has been on the market for years. Sure, Veggie Tales is cute, but can’t we
progress to something new? I need new. I can’t sing the same songs I did with my first child and still sing
them 15 years later with my fifth child.


I want timeless, classical, beautiful stories, which I can buy and read to my grandchildren. I have a ton of
those from the secular side, but I want to have spiritual truth to share with my clan too.


Do you have a favorite Christian children’s book? Share it with us. I would like to make a compilation to
share with everyone.



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