Artistic Journeys – February – Sari Sauls

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Last month Per gave us a peek into someone relatively new to digital art, and this month, Sari is going to continue the way, but more than that, she is is the forerunner to the next few Artistic Journeys that will showcase our female artists.

Sari is new to digital art, and I think that shows us a little different perspective on the journey we are all on. When we look at established artists, we forget that they struggled. We somehow put them on a pedestal and forget that they traveled the same road we did. I think that’s what’s interesting about hearing from “newbies.” They are still finding their way.

Sari has always been artistic, as she will share with you, but she struggled with finding how to merge what she always knew to what she wanted to learn. Through a life-changing hardship, she delved into digital art, and it started her journey on merging traditional media with digital media. Maybe like her, you will see how you can bridge both worlds in a manner you never thought of before!

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If you enjoyed this journey, you can catch up on the series.

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      I laughed when I saw it too, Penny. One of my favorite parts of all the interviews was looking at everyone’s cringe pictures. I think it helps us all gain hope!

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