Artistic Journeys – May – Karen Bonaker

Karen’s work is inspiring. She is well versed in so many styles, and she does them all well. When I see her work, I want to be able to produce things as well as she does. I think a lot of her students feel that way when they watch what she can do in Painter.

She makes things look effortless.

I think that’s why my favorite part of her interview was hearing where she started from. I guess I imagined a woman that always worked in art. I didn’t realize how hard she worked to get to where she is at today. I enjoyed her cringe pictures tremendously. It gave me hope. I realized that she started where every person starts with digital art…at the beginning, and it’s only through hard work that anyone grows!

If you are not familiar with Karen, and you want to learn digital art, I highly recommend her classes. I guarantee you will learn Painter with her. She is an engaged instructor, who is always there for her students. If you get stuck on something, she will help you! On top of that, you will learn art concepts. Her classes are organized and varied. There isn’t one negative thing about any course from her in my books!

You can find all her classes at

You can download a PDF of the complete interview below. Download it, and then open it up on your desktop. It is set to look like a magazine spread, but it only does this when you reopen it on your desktop AFTER you downloaded it. When you read it in the browser, it comes up as a single page.

If you do not have a PDF viewer, you can download Adobe’s free PDF reader here:

Download Full Interview

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14 Responses

  1. Edward

    Another good read. Thanks.

    • L.A. James

      Thank you, Edward. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Thank you again for taking the time to comment!

  2. Kurt L

    Lisa, I am so glad you are doing this series of interviews. I look forward to them every month. I am especially pleased to see Karen’s interview this month. Thank you for taking the time to do this.

    • L.A. James

      I’m glad you are enjoying them, Kurt. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate it!

    • L.A. James

      You are welcome, Pixie. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to leave a comment.

  3. Mary

    I haven’t heard of her before. I’ll look it up.

    • L.A. James

      I think you will be pleasantly surprised, Mary. Let me know what you think.

  4. Sue

    Thank you Lisa. I know we are getting close to seeing the end of these and I’m going to miss it.

    • L.A. James

      Yes, getting close, Sue, but we still have a couple of months before we have to mourn 🙂

      I’ve enjoyed them too.

  5. Alan

    Another good one. Enjoyed comparing her to John Derry. Both been around forever.

    • L.A. James

      Yes, they have, Alan, but only for those that are in the Painter world 🙂

      When I first was looking into classes, I hadn’t heard of Karen. I was afraid she was a scam. So funny now that I look back on that. I’ll have to tell that story sometimes in detail.

  6. Michelle

    Thank you L.A. I enjoyed this one a lot.

    • L.A. James

      I’m glad you enjoyed it, Michelle. Thanks for taking time to comment.

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