Artistic Journeys is an online publication that explores the lives of creative individuals as they share their experiences. June features L.A. James.

Artistic Journeys – June – L.A. James

If you have been following along with Artistic Journeys, you know I’ve always written an introduction to the article. What you don’t know is everyone that has partaken has gotten an advance copy to read. Most of the artists have told me they felt this weird feeling permeate their inner being knowing people were reading about them, and this feeling is worse for private people.


Writing profiles for other people is easy. Writing a profile for yourself isn’t so easy. As weird as it sounds, I’ve learned through the years that L.A. James is a different person than Lisa James. I’ve boxed my identity off, and it makes working for myself easier.

My L.A. James identity decided eons ago what was allowed of my personal life to be revealed in business and writing. When I decided to work for myself, that bridge fortified. I decided to stick to overarching themes that are extremely important to me, and education is one of those themes. It’s why I started Artistic Journeys.

Artistic Journeys was to showcase that growth takes time, and it was to encourage the viewer that what they see others do, they can do too. Everyone has hardships, and there is never an easy path to success. It’s through perseverance one grows. I wanted you to see that everyone has struggles, and there wasn’t an explosion where a person went from point A to point Z in one leap. Many people want you to believe that, and it doesn’t help anyone starting out!

I also wanted you to come out with avenues for growth because finding quality growth is getting harder to do these days. There are many “educational” sites popping up, and free videos are abundant, yet so much of it ends up wasting your time. I would rather highlight places that are good than leave you struggling in areas that won’t help you.

My story seems rather drab compared to those that have overcome huge hurdles of life and death. Nevertheless, I am on a journey just like you are. At one time, I didn’t know how to open Photoshop or Painter. At one time, I didn’t know anything, and now I know a few things! My story is here to showcase a person working towards art improvement with limited time each day, and maybe that will help you continue in your journey!

You can download a PDF of the complete interview below. Download it, and then open it up on your desktop. It is set to look like a magazine spread, but it only does this when you reopen it on your desktop AFTER you downloaded it. When you read it in the browser, it comes up as a single page.

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26 Responses

  1. H.P.

    Well, well, well….my offer still stands. I’ll even up your pay.

  2. Nick

    Good one. L.A. learned more about what you have been up to here than around….do I detect a bluring of your two identities?

  3. Kurt S Laidlaw

    Lisa, thank you for sharing your journey with us. It is one thing to “interview” others, but to lay out your own journey on paper is so much more difficult. So much of what you say rings true for me. It is amazing to me that we have known each other for about 3 years through the the Awake course and DAA. Because you work on your art regularly and don’t get as distracted by rabbit holes as easily as I do, your craft has improved so much better than mine. Sometimes I feel like the dog in the movie Up. Somebody yells squirrel and I am off in a different direction. Then it takes me months to return to where I was and I have to start all over again.

    I want you to know this series of interviews is a wonderful reminder that we are all taking journeys and that they all take time and concentration. A quote I keep on the wall in my office begins “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood. I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the difference.”

    • L.A. James

      Thank you, Kurt.

      You think I don’t get distracted? I get distracted. I think all creative people are like that, but we beat ourselves up for it. The issue with digital art is that when you don’t work on it constantly the programs change, so that causes you to start over. Plus, there are so many tools within the programs, and if you don’t work with them daily, you forget, and that causes you to have the start over feeling.

      Do what you love doing the most, and if you get bored with it, then take a break. The key is not to beat yourself up for it, which is easier said than done, I think!

      One of the reasons I think I have grown a lot in the short period of time is that I am constantly studying it. I read books all the time (currently have five I’m reading). I watch tutorials. I’m in classes. I’ve mastered the programs, and I’m branching out into more artistic concepts. There is so much to learn with digital art. It is very time-consuming because you have to know those programs inside and out to do what you want to do, but you also need to study many artistic things (color, light, story-telling).

      I like the quote!

  4. Sandra

    I liked it Lisa. Your artwork is definitely growing. Harlan wants to put you in the art department as well as get you to write for him. It will save him money he says…keep doing what you love.

  5. Andrea Mann

    Thanks for your story. Sometimes iit seems that to be successful you have to have lived through a lot of junk or you have a lot of problems. If you are not like this is makes it seem like you. Can’t be successful or good at anything. Your good so this encourages me to know there is hope for me with time and practice

  6. Michelle

    It helped me. I have limited time each day too. Sometimes i think why bother. Its easier to watch tv.

    • L.A. James

      I’m glad it helped you, Michelle. Sometimes it is just hard putting in the work when you are empty. I understand!

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