Artistic Journeys – September 2019 – Cary Cox

I enjoyed my conversations with Cary tremendously. He gave me a lot to ponder, and I’ve filed some of his words away as things I need to remember in my own life for the future. I’m sure you are going to enjoy his perspective on the artistic life as much as I did.

You can download a PDF of the complete interview below. Download it, and then open it up on your desktop. It is set to look like a magazine spread, but it only does this when you reopen it on your desktop AFTER you downloaded it. When you read it in the browser, it comes up as single pages.

To continue reading the full interview, download it with the download button below. When you have downloaded it to your desktop, open it from there, and you will get a magazine spread view. This only works IF you reopen it from your desktop.

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34 Responses

  1. Pixie

    This was great I liked this article a lot. Thanks for putting this together. It was worth the wait.

  2. Henderson

    Ok. I’ve missed your articles. They always have a point to them. I wish you would stop monkeying around and get back to journalism. You can always fish out a good story. Call me when you are ready to get back to it. I bet you have abunch of stories you are holding on to.

  3. Hannah

    Why is it so hard to find articles of substance? Everyone is about flashy flashy but they don’t give you anything to go on. Thanks for making it different.

    • L.A. James

      Thanks for the comment, Hannah. I understand what you mean. I’m a subscriber to a few magazines, and it seems a lot of the “in-depth” articles are getting more and more shallow.

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