Are You Growing?

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A new year, with new goals. Yippee, growth.   I rarely read books twice, but I would like to share a book that I not only read twice, but I read it three times. On top of that, my husband … Continued

A New Year

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I believe in goal setting and making actionable steps to get those goals accomplished. It makes you feel good when you progress forward. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to make some forms to help me keep up with … Continued

The Little Things Get You

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Do you realize it is the little things in life that begin to irritate you? We all have them, and it is freeing to admit it. Nobody’s life is perfect! I found this little video that made me laugh because … Continued

Corel Featured Artist

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Sometimes life surprises you. I am now able to say I am a featured Corel Artist. These were the art pieces Corel used.             These art pieces were created with some strict guidelines. It had … Continued

The Character Test

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I have been thinking a lot about doing what I do for the glory of God, and I have been trying to encourage my children to think about this as well. I think the true test of character is to … Continued

The Ironies of Life

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Here is something artistic that I find totally fascinating. I speculate with this entering the world, we will see more such artistic pursuits come about within the next few years.     I can’t imagine how long it took to … Continued

The Why

Last month I wrote about why I love digital media, and I ended off with some skeptic’s typical comments. Doubters like to point out that a lot of traditional media artists do not use computer programs…   Ah, but they … Continued

I’m too old

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I have a pet peeve. Well, I have many, but this one really irritates me because I have heard it for a great majority of my life. I become inwardly irate when I hear, “I’m too old.”   “I’m too … Continued

What’s The Big Deal

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You might be wondering what is digital art, and you might wonder if this is all I know?   Today, these questions get answered.   I have taken some college level art classes, but I have learned the most by … Continued