My Soul Knows It

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I am quickly approaching the end of painting the spreads to my next book, and I thought I would share a little of what it is about. The overall hope for my next book is to enable parents and grandparents … Continued

Learn From My Mistakes

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I am playing catch-up on my blog writing. At the end of December, my main computer had a “fatal” error. I woke up to the “blue screen,” and no amount of refreshing, restoring past restore points, or fixing windows in … Continued

Are You Growing?

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A new year, with new goals. Yippee, growth.   I rarely read books twice, but I would like to share a book that I not only read twice, but I read it three times. On top of that, my husband … Continued

A New Year

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I believe in goal setting and making actionable steps to get those goals accomplished. It makes you feel good when you progress forward. A couple of weeks ago, I decided to make some forms to help me keep up with … Continued

Corel Featured Artist

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Sometimes life surprises you. I am now able to say I am a featured Corel Artist. These were the art pieces Corel used.             These art pieces were created with some strict guidelines. It had … Continued