Be Adaptable – Part 1

I found this little chameleon at the New Port Aquarium a few years ago. That’s how it works
for a lot of things for me. Something catches my eye. I can’t help but look at it. I marvel at some
feature that God has put within an animal, and I snap a picture. Years later, I have an idea for
an art piece, or a book, and I pull out my pictures that I remember taking. Sometimes a good
memory is bad….you remember how people treat you, and you remember what people
say; however, when indexing images, a good memory is helpful.


Indexing images can be overwhelming when you have a lot. I use Adobe Bridge. This program
allows me to place keywords within the image, and I can then pull up those images. I also have
the ability to make “smart sets” where I am able to pull all the pictures on a certain subject and
then place them into a specific folder. It is a handy resource…until it fails.


In the last year, I have had major problems with my computer. Windows encountered a major error,
and after numerous sessions with a Microsoft technician, they informed me my hard drive needed
to be reformatted. At this time, I hadn’t thought about backing up Bridge, which meant I had
to reindex everything.


A few months later, I realized my computer hard drive was just about full (2 T), so I pulled everything
off to a new hard drive. I had backed up Bridge…but, I didn’t realize the links Bridge created to those
files wouldn’t work because I was on a hard drive outside of the C drive. This meant I had to
reindex everything again.


It was enough to make me want to weep.


Like many things in life, organization is key to getting stuff accomplished in a timely fashion. Yet,
computer organization can be more involved than simple paper organization when something
goes wrong.



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