Be Adaptable – Part 2

I admit..I am not very adaptable. I like my plans. Nevertheless, when I placed adaptable
with 1 Corinthians 9:22 in Be ~ Biblical Wisdom for Children, I found it to have a totally
different meaning. I picked this verse because I wanted my children to remember how,
as Christians, we should be all things to all people, but it doesn’t mean doing everything
for everyone, nor does it mean being the doormat. There is a lot of unbalanced thinking
within this, I think.


The ability to use this visual and then discuss it is something that can encompass many topics.
There is a lot of teachable material in here when you start applying it to your own experiences,
or those of friends.


I believe your children can benefit greatly when you take verses and then apply them to situations
about your life. It shows the relevance of the Bible in the here and now. Many people don’t want to
discuss their past with their children, but I believe my job is to teach my children with these relevant
stories. I am showing an applicability of the Bible in a relevant way.


My overall goal in life is to help my children in all manners as possible. I want them to learn some of
the lessons I learned at forty-two much earlier. I realize everyone must make their own decisions in life,
but I hope God is able to use my mistakes to help my children grow.


I encourage you to be as transparent as possible with your children. Share your story. Give them a
push ahead in life, and let them excel you. Don’t be ashamed, do it for the sake of the Gospel.



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