Be Alert In Be ~ Biblical Wisdom For Children

The second page of the children’s book, Be ~ Biblical Wisdom for Children talks about
being alert. The scripture reference is in 1 Corinthians.


As Christians, we are admonished to be on our guard and to stand firm in the faith. We
are to be courageous and strong.


Do you feel you are on your guard? Do you stand firm in the faith? I feel like many simple
concepts are not that simple when I think about them further. Many times I do not feel
courageous or strong. I feel I am always “on guard,” and it can be draining. I remind
myself life is for more than what we see with our human eyes. We are here for a
purpose, and many people don’t finish the good race.


I used the lion as a visual representation to this passage because a lion is rarely out of tune
with its environment. The stance of this lioness is strong. She represents how I want my
children, and myself, to stand and watch events in life. She looks courageous, and she is
strong…I also remind them she isn’t lazy.


Animals can be great illustrations for humans. What does a lioness mean to you? Share your comments below.


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