Be ~ Biblical Wisdom Fine Art Book Now Out

I believe in creating legacy gifts for my children, and I wanted to help others do the
same. This is why I have created Be ~ Fine Art Book.

This fine art book is 8.5 x 11 fine art book that is customized just for you. The book
is handcrafted with a sturdy hardcover that is made from animal-free faux leather.
The cover is composed of a brown hand-stitched side panel with a customized cover.
The inside of the book is a fine art, black paper, which covers up the hand stitching
from the leather wrapped cover.


Be is a fine art book that is a unique item, which will be cherished and passed down
from generation to generation!


The Ways You Can Pass It On


Be is a unique book that is tailored to your needs. It makes a wonderful treasured
heirloom, and it is a great gift for baby dedications, christenings, graduations, and
weddings. The wisdom contained in the book is timeless, and the art is
beautifully done.


I want to make it personal for your family.


The cover is made with the first name of the recipient you wish to give it to. For instance,
it might say, “Be ~ Biblical Wisdom for Becky.” The “from” name includes the name you
wish placed on it. For instance, you might want it to say, “Love, Nanna.” The second
page within the book says, “By L.A. James.”


The last page of the book has space for you to include a letter. This book is meant
to be a legacy item. I encourage you to share a lesson you have learned about wisdom
to the recipient, which makes the book personal, memorable, and highly anticipated.
Not only are you impacting the recipient, but your words are traveling through
generations. Your story will be remembered.


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Please note: I currently take only 10 orders a year for this fine art
item, and I cut off orders on September 1.


If the product is “sold out” you can join the wait list, which will enable you
to get a jump in line. Fill out the contact form requesting to join the wait
list, and I will contact you.

Fully made in the USA


See a short video here:

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