Be Brave

Why is it so hard to be Brave? I have reflected on this a lot. God tells us to be strong and
courageous. We are not to be frightened or dismayed, for God is with us wherever we go.


I want to instill this into my children.


I asked them what they were afraid of, and I plan to have a book revolving all around this subject,
hopefully, in the future. My kids gave me some good ideas, and as we talked about fear I
reminded them everyone becomes afraid at some point in life. It is human nature, but God
promised he would always be with us and help us through it. Even though we have this
promise it is still hard. It is easier to look at what we see instead of what we don’t see.
I am guilty of this myself.


I picked a bear for this page in Be ~ Biblical Wisdom for Children because a bear, in my mind,
was one of the most fearless creatures. A bear seems unconcerned in life. It goes where
it wants, and it does what it wants. It is free. With God walking with us in life, we should
exhibit some of that fearlessness.



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