Be Choosy – We Don’t Do This Enough

Being Choosy is one of my favorite pages within the book Be ~Biblical Wisdom for Children.
I love the colors.


I decided on a zebra for one main reason. Zebras don’t really hang around other kinds of animals.
They really stand out. They can’t blend very well, and I think as Christians, we shouldn’t blend in
too well with others. We should stand out, and we should be in a group that is clearly defined. I
also liked the whole motif of black and white, which can translate into many different themes.


I played this little rap for my kids, and I reminded them of how we need to not be deceived that
bad company not only corrupts good morals, but I encouraged them to think about what friendship
really means to them.



Who you associate with is going to mold you in so many ways.

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