Be Wise – Proverbs 15:7 – The First Page

The first page of the book, I feel, sets the tone for Be~ Biblical Wisdom for Children. Being
wise is something that is hard to teach without some life lessons attached. However, I
believe Proverbs 15:7 is correct in that it says:


The lips of the wise spread knowledge, not so the hearts of fools.


There is a quote, and I can’t remember who it is by, but it says you are the average of the
five people you hang around the most. When you think about that, it might be a little scary.
Enlarge the view of this thought by thinking about what is the five things you spend most
of your time doing? Is one of them playing apps on your phone?  Are you wasting your time?


I realize we all need some “down time;” however, when you add up your time where does
it go? Who is it with? What are you doing? These are some great thought provoking question
to ask yourself. To be wise, we must invest our time in wisdom pursuits. We must be growing.
When you look for wisdom in your life, this can encompass a vast amount of areas. For instance,
don’t ask photography advice to someone that knows nothing about photography. This is
wisdom in one area.


I used this first page to talk to my children about how to attain wisdom. I stressed that it isn’t an
easy pursuit, and many people won’t undertake it for this reason alone. I also shared that wisdom
in life comes in many areas, and when we have wisdom that someone needs, we shouldn’t be
afraid to share it; however, only share when you are asked. There is wisdom in this too.



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