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I set the goal of creating one legacy painting for each of my children, and this is my fourth
child’s fine art piece. I have been working for months on this painting. It was not only the
most time consuming, but it was the hardest. It is completely hand painted, and each
element was created specifically for this fine art painting.



Not only was the painting a challenge, but getting reference pictures was challenging. This
child doesn’t like having her picture taken. She gives the photographer a “disapproval” look
when the camera is aimed at her. To overcome this, I thought we could pretend to be in
another world. I painted a visual story with colorful words and asked her to add to the story.
She started forgetting about the camera and started to play. After the day, I sat looking at the
pictures and decided to make her fine art piece around what she was most interested in.
Shouldn’t every girl have the ability to have a dragon as a friend and find a golden egg?


The video shows a little bit of my process.




The Process


I am asked how I create my art, and I always have to start with the preface it depends.


Some aspects of my art are created digitally.


Some aspects are painted on a canvas, and I scan in that image to add to my digital work.


Some aspects are created in Illustrator, and I bring that piece into a work.


Some aspects are painted in Photoshop.


Some aspects are painted in Corel Painter.


Some aspects are created with traditional pastels.


Some aspects are created with oil paints.


Some aspects are created with acrylic paint.


Some art pieces are a combination of a few of these techniques.


Some art pieces are a combination of all of these techniques.


I think this might be a new sense of the word Mixed Media, but I enjoy it all.


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