L.A. James showcases how she creates digital art in the fifth video called Behind the Curtain.

Behind the Curtain .4 The Colorful Fox

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Working with art in any medium has the same challenges. You have so many things to analyze.
You have lights and darks. You have shapes and lines. You have brush strokes. You have lost
and found edges. You have colors and what they might or might not do for your piece. I am
spending this year learning to really see light. I thought a year of active study would be
sufficient, but when I started, I didn’t realize that many of the masters spent their lives studying
light and how it impacts a subject. I might have to extend this independent study for a
couple of years.


I decided to share my study with you. You can see how each brush stroke and time spent
pondering between each major change within the art piece affected the outcome.
This movie only captures the last big half of the process.


The Fox’s story

She thought life was all black and white. It was easier that way. At least this is what she
told herself. One day that changed. What she ascribed as black for another, happened
to her. She realized life had some gray to it, and the black and white color didn’t clearly
define every choice she ascribed to it. When she made this discovery, she became free,
and life became more colorful.


Art Piece Title – The Colorful Fox 



The Process


I am asked how I create my art, and I always have to start with the preface it depends.


Some aspects of my art are created digitally.


Some aspects are painted on a canvas, and I scan in that image to add to my digital work.


Some aspects are created in Illustrator, and I bring that piece into a work.


Some aspects are painted in Photoshop.


Some aspects are painted in Corel Painter.


Some aspects are created with traditional pastels.


Some aspects are created with oil paints.


Some aspects are created with acrylic paint.


Some art pieces are a combination of a few of these techniques.


Some art pieces are a combination of all of these techniques.


I think this might be a new sense of the word Mixed Media, but I enjoy it all.


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  1. jennifer

    I stumbled upon your video by accident. It was a great accident. Thanks for sharing your process.

  2. Mike

    I never thought about combining traditional with digital before. You have given me some new ideas to think about. Thanks.

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