Book Review: How To Become A Millionaire By David Bach

Let me first make a disclaimer. I don’t care about being a millionaire. If I ever had that
much money, I would be finding ways to invest it into causes I feel burdened for
(i.e. education). I care nothing about having a bigger house (more to clean), and I care
nothing about fancier cars (more insurance). I care about making a difference in people’s
lives. Nevertheless, I bought David Bach’s book because I feel I need to learn more about
adult finances (IRAs, Investing, retirement funds). This is really a totally new way of thinking
for me. I was never taught anything about finances in life.


To be honest, I hate math, so it really taxes my mind when people start throwing around
numbers. Since finances are all about numbers and terms I have never paid much heed to
this subject. This was a real undertaking to actually buy the book and see if he expounds on
his Creative Live class. I am always looking for good teachers, so I purchased this book
as well as one of his past books.


He didn’t go beyond his class. How disappointing.


Well, he didn’t expound in his book enough to really matter in my mind. I did have those
10 pages of notes (see past blog post), so I had the good stuff already written down.


If you are a visual learner, get his class from Creative Live. If you like to read, and you are a
financial novice such as myself, you might enjoy his book. You can find it on Amazon or
at your local Library.



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