Book Review: The Shakespeare Stealer

I want my kids to love reading. It is one my goals. I didn’t learn to love reading until I
was in grade nine. I distinctly remember the event. I was bored and sitting in a library
booth. Books surrounded me. I saw a title that caught my eye, and I picked it up. I
started to read it. By the time lunch hour was over, I slide the book back onto the shelf
and left. I returned the next day and picked up where I had left off. It was a turning
point for me.


I think a lot of kids don’t read because they are never given good books. Reading is
work, and it takes time to build up reading speed. Kids need great books to build up
that speed, which will make them enjoy reading more.


It is hard for a parent to pick out a good book when they don’t read that age level, or
worse yet, when they haven’t learned to enjoy reading because they weren’t given
a good book.


It bums me out when I see kids or adults that don’t like to read.


I look back on life and I see my turning point, and I realize how much I would have
missed out if I had never had that moment of realization. The awakening of how
good a book can be, if only given the right book.


This is one of the reasons I share good books here. I am rather a picky reader.
I read a lot, but I also realize a lot of books are junk. I only buy books that I want
to pass on to my future clan. I want them to be surrounded with great stories.


Stories change lives. Stories give hope. Stories educate. Stories make us better
well rounded people.


Here is a story for you.


The Shakespeare Stealer by Gary Blackwood

We read this one last year, and we actually bought the whole series because
we all wanted to find out what happened in the main character’s life.


I think I need to make myself a stamp of approval, and I can then start stamping
books as my own guarantee you will enjoy the book. Yep, I am pretty
confident you will like it.



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