The Ironies of Life

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Here is something artistic that I find totally fascinating. I speculate with this entering the world, we will see more such artistic pursuits come about within the next few years.     I can’t imagine how long it took to … Continued

What’s The Big Deal

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You might be wondering what is digital art, and you might wonder if this is all I know?   Today, these questions get answered.   I have taken some college level art classes, but I have learned the most by … Continued

Make It Melt

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I am curious about a lot of stuff. I just find things interesting. I think having a curiosity about things keeps life interesting. I don’t get bored easily, and I am amazed at how many experiments people conduct. It is … Continued


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My kids and I watched this three times. We all liked it for various reasons. The Author has taken a little bit of animation in school, so anything that is animated is dissected. The other kids were entertained by it. … Continued

Good Ideas Are Contagious

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I love seeing the creativity of people. It inspires me, and it continually shows me how much we, as humans, can help others. Surrounding yourself with creativity helps feed your own creativity. Imagine how we could change things, if we … Continued