Content Development For Children’s Books

I have begun to flesh out the book Be ~ Biblical Wisdom for Children. How was it done, you wonder?
Very simply. It might seem morbid, but I thought about what I would want to leave my kids, if I was
going to die tomorrow. What key Biblical truths did I want them to remember? I wanted it to be in
an active voice, and I wanted my kids to just “BE.”


After a lengthy Bible study, I pulled all my verses into a Word document. I had a couple of pages
of verses. From here, I cut out the ones that were similar. I chose the ones I resided most with,
or the ones that could be unpacked with more instruction. Everything I chose had to pertain to
Biblical Wisdom.  When I got the amount down to a reasonable amount, I let these just “sit.” I gave
myself a couple of weeks, so I could come back to the table and look at it with fresh eyes.


Next, I opened my ideas up to my husband. He wanted me to include the idea of “Be Empowered,”
and he thought of the ant analogy. Being empowered has been something that we have been
discussing for over a year, so the idea was relevant, and it had a lot of spiritual meaning for both of us.
I don’t know why it never popped into my mind, but it again proves how helpful it is to bounce ideas
off of others.


The process of developing content seems easy when typed out, but it does require a fair amount of work.
It also requires a good amount of study. Typical, I find that few people give much thought to their legacy,
and, for me, everything about Be ~Biblical Wisdom for Children deeply pertains to a legacy mentality. I
want my children to have a deep relationship with God, and I believe the Bible has a lot of wisdom to it.
Not only do I reflect on these verses for Biblical Wisdom, but I hope my children do too.



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