Organizing your assets from classes you might take can be hard. L.A. James shares her organizational tips to help you keep one step ahead of a lost asset!

Digital Organization Part 2

I love education, so I take a lot of classes. One problem I have encountered is how to organize all the class materials.

I’ve stumbled around and messed up a lot, but I’ve finally settled on a system that is easy and works for me.

I have a Master folder that resides on a hard drive off my computer. On this hard drive, I have a folder named “Assets”

Within “Assets” I have a folder for each class.

I’ve taken a lot of classes from Digital Art Academy over the years, so I’m going to use this as my example layout, which should help you figure out a similar format.

So from “Assets”

I would have a folder that says, “Digital Art Academy.” When you open up “Digital Art Academy, you will see the folders listed below.

The folders are listed by the classes I have taken. I put a number in front, so I know what order I took those classes, and it guarantees I can scroll quickly and not get bogged down looking at letters. For some reason, a number seems easier to see.

Open up PC 2018 PT 1 (which stands for Painter Club). You will see another selection of folders: “August – Gradients,” “December – Winter Landscapes,” etc. I always write down the class’s title to help me figure out more details about the class.

If you open up August – Gradients, you will find three more folders: Class Videos, Live Session, and Resources.

You could stop here, and I do for many classes; however, when I am dealing with classes that reside around Corel Painter I take this a step farther.

I make a copy of these brushes and put it in the “Quick Install” folder.

I keep a master list of all the resources I got from class, but I also make a copy of any brush category, pattern, image portfolio, or asset that I might use for Corel Painter. I place that copy in the appropriate “Quick Install Folder.” My “Quick Install Folder” resides in the Corel folder.

The Quick Install folder is filled with everything I need to get up and going within a minute. I’ve dealt with so many computer issues at the beginning of my journey. There was nothing more frustrating than having to spend an afternoon loading Corel Painter after having to reinstall everything I needed to paint. Now it doesn’t matter. If Corel Painter fails, and I have to reinstall, I can be up and painting again within a few minutes.

Above is a picture of some things within my “Quick Install Brushes” folder. You will notice that this section has KB then the name. This helps me remember I got that brush from Karen Bonaker. It does take a couple of seconds to rename the brushes, but it pays off when she references a brush.

Space is not an issue for me. Hard drives are cheap, and it doesn’t take up that much space to have these resources in two places! I would rather be organized than worry about space too!

The only thing I would do differently now is I would not name the main folder “Asset,” but I would call it “Classes.” It was one of those mistakes I made at the beginning of the journey. Because I use Bridge to find my things, I’ve learned it’s best not to mess with the mainframe structure of renaming folders. It gets you into trouble.

You can find part one of this series here:

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  1. Roseann

    I do something similar. These two posts have showed me that I’m on the right track. I just need to tweak it some.

    • L.A. James

      Glad it helped you, Roseann. It’s always easier to tweak than to figure out a whole system, I think.

      What are you tweaking?

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