Discerning…You And The Wolf

I am not a paranoid person, but I think most Christians don’t take much heed to Matthew 10:16.
We spend so much time teaching our children not to talk to strangers, and to never take candy
from them that we forget about teaching them to be discerning. We are sheep in the midst of
wolves, and on numerous levels, when need to teach our children these concepts.


My goal with Be ~ Biblical Wisdom for Children was to do just this. I wanted to be able to instruct
my children in a manner that didn’t seem like brow beating. I didn’t want it to be boring, and I
didn’t want it to lose its punch, so to speak.


This is the Nurse’s favorite art piece, which says a lot as he isn’t into art. I myself really like this
picture because the wolf looks so menacing. I intensified the gleam of the eye, and I painted it
in more cool colors to bring out the eerie mood.


I use this book page to remind my children that when we see a wolf, we are obviously on guard.
We know they are dangerous, and we would make sure we are not in a vulnerable place.–As a
side note, we are just finishing the book The Wolves of Willoughby Chase, which can coincide
nicely with this theme–However,  wolves are sneaky, and they don’t always reveal themselves
until the last minute.


I think this is an especially relevant teaching when we talk about being in church. Many times
we let our guards drop in church, and we assume things about people just because they are
in the same building as us. I think it is more important than ever to instruct our children to be
even wiser when in groups of people that profess to have the same faith as us.


It is a great place for a wolf to eat some yummy mutton, and he doesn’t have to work hard to get it.


Encourage children to follow their “red flags” because the Holy Spirit is there to help them. Teach
them how to be on the look out for wolves. Show them how to match what is said by people’s
actions. What we say and what we do should match up for us to be authentic.



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