Textures, Textures Everywhere

I created the texture for Be ~ Biblical Wisdom for Children by painting it within Corel
Painter. I picked colors within the chameleon, and I started painting, as you would with
traditional media. Some of my textures are created fully this way, some are created with
traditional media and then scanned back into the computer to be incorporated into fine
art or elements within my books.


I am still working on my texture process. I love how they work within my art, and I have a
lot of ideas I want to try. Time always seems to be a factor, and it is kind of frustrating at
times to be limited by it.


I’m sure you agree. As a mother, there is always something that needs to be done….and
of course, there is the laundry. That is a never ending beast.


Textures are something I am really into. I realized this when I was walking around the block
and my eight-year-old said, “Wow, mama, you should take a picture of that. Look at the texture.”


She pointed earnestly at the tree bark.


I admit, it was a nice texture.


Look around. Study textures, you will be amazed at what you find, and I assure you, you will see
the world in a new way because once you start looking for texture, you see it everywhere.



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