Fishing For Inspiration…Designing And Writing Children’s Books

Finding inspiration or gaining ideas for stories is a process that is different for every individual.
Personally, I have ideas pop into my head. I might read something, or see something, and before
I know it, I have a bunch of visual pictures that just “pop” into my head. It sounds rather odd, I
suppose. I believe creativity and imagination is a type of muscle. The more you play with it, the
more it flexes and strengthens itself. I think the typical adult becomes so focused on life that we
rarely daydream about creative things, or we don’t realize the inspiration that “pops” into our head
at some moment, and we disregard it before we have actually taken some time to analyze it.


It is sad.


In the last year, I have been paying a greater attention to my creative ebb and flow, and I have
discovered a few key points.


  1. I am a night owl. I feel more creative late at night when my kids are in bed, and the
    house is super quiet.
  2. I need quiet to be creative. I have never had a creative thought happen when I am in a loud,
    stimulating, environment.
  3. I write down my ideas right when they spark. I think I will remember later, but I usually don’t.
    I keep a notebook beside my bed, and I jot down everything.
  4. I realize that the idea is the first step. It might change as you work with it, and that is ok.
    However, if I don’t acknowledge the idea, it just vanishes, and I have nothing to show for
    the first pop of inspiration.
  5. My ideas gain momentum when I share them with other creative people. On the flip side,
    my ideas can quickly die when I share them with the wrong people.

In the end, you begin to grow in yourself when you realize that creativity and imagination is a gift
from God. Don’t compare your process with others. Begin to understand how you can grow
and flex your own creative muscles.



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