L.A. James shows how she creates her fine art in 2017.

How I Create

I am asked how I create my art, and I always have to start with the preface it depends.


Some aspects of my art are created digitally.


Some aspects are painted on a canvas, and I scan in that image to add to my digital work.


Some aspects are created in Illustrator, and I bring that piece into a work.


Some aspects are painted in Photoshop.


Some aspects are painted in Corel Painter.


Some aspects are created with traditional pastels.


Some aspects are created with oil paints.


Some aspects are created with acrylic paint.


Some art pieces are a combination of a few of these techniques.


Some art pieces are a combination of all of these techniques.


I think this might be a new sense of the word Mixed Media, but I enjoy it all.


There is a misnomer that digital art is easier than traditional art. Having worked with both, I
have to say traditional media is easier. You are able to blend and paint in a simpler manner,
and it only involves learning to paint. Digital art involves learning to work with a program, which
has another set of challenges.


I started making little videos to showcase the building of an art piece, but I find I forget to take
my pictures along the way. You will have to have patience as I get better at this aspect of
showing a behind the scenes look.


This picture was taken at Salato. It is always hard to capture these animals, and I decided to try
to make something out of one of the images I took. To start with, I needed to clean the image up.
This involved Photoshop and a couple of hours of time. I then built the setting with numerous
images. There are a combination of four different photos that make up the background, which I
hand painted in Corel. When I was satisfied with the background, I took it back to Photoshop, and
I started working on placing the elk. This involved a lot of color correction. Once satisfied, I went
back to Corel to paint the animal, and I then added the grasses and numerous little details to
bring it together. This video shows a tiny part of it all.


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