How I Started Publishing Children’s Books

I have discovered publishing your own book is quite the undertaking.
I remember a meeting I had with my undergraduate journalism professor about being able
to complete my degree in the time frame I wanted, many years ago. He asked me a lot of
probing questions, and I am forever grateful he took time to help me figure out some things.
He was a great objective sounding board. In this meeting, he told me, “Go publish your own
book. You don’t need a publishing house. Times are changing, and publishing yourself
doesn’t have the stigma it used to have.”


I remember just staring at him in disbelief.


Publish my own book?


What glamour would that have to it? How would I accomplish this endeavor?


Whelp, I can say my ideas of book publishing were wrong on every level. Yet, in the end,
I wish I would have taken a little more heed, earlier, to his words. Times are completely
different than they used to be. Frankly, publishing is quite different from even a few
years ago, and it is constantly changing.


I realized, after a lot of research, that the book industry isn’t as big as I thought it was,
and the many convoluted roads within the industry were typically based upon the bottom
dollar. This led me to self-publishing.


I decided I didn’t like the aspect of most things boiling back to money. I didn’t want to water
down what I wanted to say because it could have repercussions for the publishing house.
I didn’t want to be bound by a contract, which would force my hand to tone down what I
wanted to say or do. I didn’t want to be linked to topics and subjects I didn’t agree with, and I
didn’t want to have money being a determining factor for anything. Plus, more than anything,
I wanted full creative control. I wanted to control everything about my project. Going the self-
published road was a mentally trying decision. It wasn’t easy to make by any means, but I felt
it was the only road, at this junction of my life, I was willing to travel. If I was going to
follow what my key hopes for this book were going to be, I needed to try.


If you’re fascinated by the process, keep reading.


I am going to unpack my book, Be~ Biblical Wisdom for Children, and give you a behind the
scene look at different parts of the process.



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