Karen Bonaker shows ways you can incorporate textures into your digital art as she uses L.A. James free textures.

How to Use Textures Within Your Digital Artwork

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I use textures in many ways within my digital artwork. I think they are essential to get rid of the polished digital look many people find unattractive.

As I sat looking at the textures I’ve created for next month, I realized some people might have no idea how to utilize textures.

Artwork By Karen Bonaker

There are so many ways you can incorporate textures into your work.

You can use tiny pieces of texture as just a texture piece to an element.

You can use them for color overlays.

You can use them to eliminate the white page, so it becomes a blocking in layer.

You can blow them up and help get more oversized shapes within your painting.

You can use small opacities to eliminate that polished digital look.

You can take them into Corel Painter and use them as a texture in your paintbrushes.

Really, I’m only scratching the surface on the ways you can use textures!

So, instead of just telling you some ways you could use texture, I thought I would direct you to Karen Bonaker’s latest Corel Painter webinar, where she demonstrates how she is using some of my textures in her artwork.

Here is the direct link, if you prefer to not watch an embedded video.



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