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I rearranged my week to be able to attend:


Start Late, Finish Rich (David Bach) class on Creative Live.


How informative. I ended up with 10 pages in my note journal. He introduced simple strategies
to money management that I found completely refreshing. The next day, I made sure my file
organization was up to par, and I rearranged some things to make it easier for my husband
to understand in the event of my early demise.


When I get to the point of asking the question, “Why was I never taught this earlier?” I feel it is
necessary to share that information with my kids as well as my friends. So I told my
sixteen-year-old to buy a house as soon as she was out of college because you can
never go wrong owning real estate, and I made my husband look up his 401 contributions at 10 PM.


Key insights should always be shared and enacted upon promptly.


If you feel you don’t have a grasp on your finances you will enjoy this class. I have to say, in the end,
I felt better than I thought I would as I realized that we are better off than most people. However, I am
going to up our emergency fund, and I plan on reading his books, which I hope further unpack
the subject of investing.


My only criticism of the class, which I feel I should mention is the fact that he periodically uses
expletives as he talks. Personally, I think this is unprofessional in this type of setting, and those
that feel the need to expound their points with cuss words are people I feel need to up their
communication skills. It just isn’t needed in seminars or professionally geared educational settings.


If you want more information, you can find it here:



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