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Book of the Month

Interviews and Reviews is having a competition for September’s book of the month (which is running for the month of October), and Be ~ Biblical Wisdom has been nominated. It’s an honor especially considering it is running against adult fiction, but more than that, it is running against traditional publishing houses.

To tell you the truth, that’s the part that I like the best because so often self-published books are kicked to the side and considered not worthy enough. I get it though. A lot of self-published books don’t look the best, nor are they up to any level of professionalism. On the flip side, there are traditionally published books that have been poorly done too.

This isn’t a post geared towards the debate on self-published vs traditional published. It’s only a post asking you to vote for Be ~ Biblical Wisdom for Children 🙂

You can vote every 24 hours!

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