Skittles Sneak Peek

Creating is an organic process. I am surprised at what comes out or where an idea might
take me. Don’t get me wrong, I try to plan a great deal of things in the process, but if I
experiment with a random thought, I can end up in a much different place. When I conducted
my Skittles audition (you can read about it here:  )


I really thought I was going to go with the cat from Asia. However, after laying out all forty-four
possible “Skittles” pictures, I wasn’t sure it would work.


Forty-four pictures of a cat, that looks extremely similar, thrown on a screen were difficult to
classify, so I tasked myself with organizing these pictures. I based the arrangement on how
many images went with each model. In the end, to simplify this even more, I color coded
the images into groups. By the end, I had four main models I was looking at.


Yep, it was clearly official now, the Asian cat was not going to work. I needed to change
directions….again. Sometimes projects need to be modified simply because you don’t
have access to the assets you need to create exactly what you want.



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