The Best Money I Spent In The Last Year

I believe everyone should have a commissioned painting. Ok, let me step down a tad
from this thought. I believe everyone should have art that speaks to their hearts. I think
everyone should purchase one high-end art piece, and I believe you should buy an
art piece that consumes one of your key walls in your home.

This year, I printed out my favorite art piece for 2016. I am not going to lie to you;
even I balked at the price of printing a 40 x 60 print because at the wholesale cost it is over
$500 bucks. It makes me feel guilty when I think about spending money in this manner.


It’s a lot of money.


The  Nurse was the catalyst. He was bound and determined he would get it printed if I
didn’t get the file ready. This would be problematic, as he didn’t know how to get a gallery
wrap mirrored, nor did he know how to get into the lab’s ROES system (This is a little
program that runs on your computer, and it gives upload access to the lab. He didn’t know
where the file was, and he doesn’t even know how to run Photoshop. It would have been
a mess as he tried to accomplish this. The Author would have been able to help him with
some of these details, but even she would have had a hard time with the gallery wrap.


So I got the print ready, and I uploaded it to the lab.


When it arrived, I was struck with how huge it was sitting in my kitchen. I have a big canvas that
I painted back in college sitting on my sofa, but this was bigger than even I expected. My kids
thought I was crazy when I laid it on my bed. They said it was too big for any wall. My husband
was a little floored at how big it was when he got home. The Card Maker told me it didn’t look
like I had a wall behind the canvas. Really, it does, but this is a view from a ten-year-old
child, and I have learned to just agree in these manners.


It has been on my wall for a week, and I realize how glad I am I got it printed. I have read
Psalm 27 numerous times as I look at the artwork. I sit and reflect on the spiritual significance
this piece has for me. It encourages my soul. It deepens my relationship with God. It reminds
me of so many stories or verses within the Bible. It is a visual reminder of so many things with
my relationship with God. I can now see how those stain glass windows within churches were
used to tell Bible stories. I see things from a new perspective.


I believe everyone will encounter a bump in the road of life at some point. I believe we can
surround ourselves with comfort and encouragement for the difficult road we will face.  Making
our home a place where we feel safe, encouraged, and inspired is a worthwhile endeavor for
individuals, and I think finding art that helps you reflect, inspires you to be better, and encourages
you on in your Christian walk is well worth the money. Not only does it benefit you, but it
benefits your family.


I think this is by far the best purchase I have made in the last year.


Large art looks phenomenal on a wall.


If you want to see the full painting, you can view it here:




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