The Cover For Be ~ Biblical Wisdom For Children

Covers can make or break a book. I have worked hard on the cover of Be ~ Biblical
Wisdom for Children. The birds came from a little nest situated in an apple tree in my
backyard. Daily I would go out with my macro lens and take a picture of the babies
as they grew. I loved watching them.


When I started thinking about the cover to the book Be ~ Biblical Wisdom for Children
I was stuck. Nothing came to me. One day, weeks after the birds had left, I thought
about how baby birds need to be fed, and I started thinking about the Robin babies
and how it would fit into Be ~Biblical Wisdom for Children. I dug out my files, and I
started looking at the angles I had taken. I started playing with the ideas, and after
a few weeks, I came out with what you now see.


Today, I decided to show the original picture. Sometimes when you are creating
you don’t really know how the pieces will all fit together, but you just need to play
with them and explore your ideas. I think this is a lot like life. Sometimes we have
to struggle through the process to fully see the potential.


I had to rebuild the cover numerous times. Sometimes I wanted to give up and go
into a different direction; however, now that it is complete it is one of my favorite pictures.



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