The Creation Of Be Renewed In Be ~ Biblical Wisdom For Children

One of my overall goals for Be-Biblical Wisdom for Children was the fact that I wanted it to
be renewing. I didn’t want to get tired of looking at it. If I get tired of looking at it, I won’t read
it to my kids. I have tried to stick with a fine art look. I don’t like cartoonish simple drawings.
I like looking at beautiful art. It makes me feel renewed in some manner. It allows me to
contemplate how God has given people gifts, and I like to see how those gifts are utilized.
It is amazing to me.


Being renewed and Psalm 103 is life giving. It makes me feel better about so many things.
The picture of the eagle is two fold. When I see an eagle I am always reminded of the
verse that says:


You shall mount up with wings like eagles…


It is a verse that is used over and over within Christian art pieces, but the eagle means a little
more to me.


This Eagle picture was a young, wounded, eagle that lives at Salato. Salato is in Frankfort, Kentucky,
and it houses some wounded animals. This eagle is a young eagle, and I have learned their heads
don’t become white until they are over five years old. His wing is damaged, and he will never be able
to fly. I saw him try one day, but it was heartbreaking. He attempted to take off, but he just fell to the
ground. To get around, he just jumps. I think his days are rather mundane, for he just sits and stares
at visitors.  He has piercing eyes, and I think his eyes look rather sad. He has no companion, so
I amplify his loneliness.


To me, the eagle is a symbol of many things. Yet, he represents so much more to my life. To unpack it
would be a book, so I will refrain for another time.


I encourage you to read Psalm 103 and pretend the eagle is saying it to you from his cage. I think you
will look at this Psalm differently. Feel free to share your thoughts below. Even more so, share your
favorite verse or passage that renews your spirit.



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