Rarely does L.A.James showcase what she has been working on with her inspirational art and books. Here is 2017s inspirational art and fine art in review.

The Last Year

Do you like growth? I do. I am always looking for ways to improve. I tinker with systems.
I want things better. One of the hardest areas to accept for me in the growth department is
looking back at what I created the year before. I know many people feel this way about their
creations. Many artists won’t even look at their past stuff because it is too embarrassing for
them, or because they pivoted and they now work in a different medium or style.


Ah, let’s accept it. Growth is good in whatever area of life we are discussing!


I rarely get to showcase things I am working on or have experimented with, so I thought I would
do that for the end of this year. Not only have I been working on my Skittles book, and brainstorming
book three, I have been trying out some new artistic techniques. Here is a showcase of some of my projects.


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