L.A. James shows how you can use Beckah Shae's new CD to teach your children about Biblical Wisdom using L.A. James' new book Be ~ Biblical Wisdom for Children.

Uniting Music And Books: Mighty and Be

I find it interesting to see how God shares similar messages with different people in
the world. It, again, shows the moving of the Holy Spirit among his people.


After I completed Be ~ Biblical Wisdom for Children, I was able to come up for air. My
kids wanted new music, so I started investigating the music scene to see if some of
our favorite artists had created anything new. I was happy to see Beckah Shae had a
new CD out called Mighty. One thing I greatly appreciate with Beckah’s music is the
ability to make it contemporary, yet her lyrics have meaning. The music has a catchy
beat, so it grabs my children’s attention, and it has meaning, which makes me happy.


At this point, you are probably wondering how my first paragraph fits in with
my second paragraph…


Try highlighting the page, Be Wise in Be ~ Biblical Wisdom for Children with Beckah’s
song Wolves. I was surprised at how well it went together, and I realized we had probably
been working on the same concept at a similar time. I actually think the page Be Discerning,
goes well with her song too.


Ask your kids what they think. You might be surprised by the correlations they draw.


I encourage you to invest in music artists who write meaningful lyrics. Not only will it impact you,
but your children will be touched by this also. You can make a difference in someone’s
life in so many ways!


If Beckah Shae is new to you, I highly recommend her other CDs. If you need a little more direction,
let me point you toward Life and Champion, which are my favorites.



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