What You Need To Be Creative

To be creative, you need a few things. First, you need to have energy. You can’t create if you
are burned out because you have nothing to give. There is no way to craft, or build, when you
are depleted. I think this is an important concept, and it has taken me a long time to realize this fact.


I have burned myself out trying to help other people, be social, be involved in church and community,
and in the end, I had nothing left for myself. I was a flame barely flickering. On the outside, it all
looked good, but inside I was barely alive.


Through the last two years, I have discovered how freeing it is to not take on any commitments, and
to be selective of where I place my time. Everything is a give and take, and I am analyzing those
gives and takes in a much thorough manner now. Inside I feel so much better.


Secondly, you need to have inspiring moments. Maybe that seems odd if you don’t feel inspired by
much. I understand. It goes back to the energy factor. You can’t be inspired when you have nothing
inside. Inspiring moments can be a song that speaks to your heart, watching the birds, or my favorite,
looking at the sky. I love looking at the sky. It is one of God’s masterpieces, and it is continually changing.


Everyone will have something that inspires them, but, sometimes, you gotta look deeply to find it. It
doesn’t come easily for many people, contrary to what you are typically taught.


I thought I would share two of my inspiring things for this week.


  1. Homemade hot chocolate. I have a cup every night when I paint. I look forward to it.
    Here is my recipe (makes two cups).

1 tablespoon of Sugar in the Raw (You might want 2 tablespoons. I cut down my sugar
as much as possible as it makes me feel ill within an hour. Sugar in the Raw gives it a
different taste. You can experiment with different sweeteners).

2 tablespoons of dark cocoa powder (Dark cocoa powder makes it richer than the
typical cocoa powder).

1/4 c water.

Combine these ingredients into a measuring cup. Stir until it combines really well. Place
in microwave for 30 seconds. Put this mixture into two cups of 2% milk (or higher if you
really want it creamy). Stir until blended. Place back into the microwave for two minutes.

That’s it. Super easy.

  1. My second source of inspiration, for this week, has been the album Waking the Muse by
    Michele Mclaughlin. The music is beautiful. This week I have listened to the album more times
    than I care to admit for fear of sounding totally obsessed. I will admit that one night I listened to
    it four times in a row while painting. Her music is utterly revitalizing. Her story of how she came
    to be is fascinating. You can drink your hot cocoa while you read it here:






Share what inspires you below. I am interested!





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