At some point in time, we all have the thought, “if only” float through our mind. In a story format, teach the children you love how to combat these thoughts. Why did L.A. James write this book?

Why Did I Write If Only ~ Biblical Truth for Children?

I wrote If Only ~ Biblical Truth for Children for a few reasons.

First, I think about the “If Only” thoughts frequently. It’s maddening. I’m not obsessed
with these thoughts, and I usually don’t let these thoughts drag me down, but they do
pop into my head as I sit and ponder God and the life he has given us.


I think its human nature to think “if only” at some point in life. We always see something
over yonder, and we think our life would be made if we had it. Today, I sat in a group and
listened to a woman say she “wished” she could paint like another lady, and “if only” she
had the creative spirit of that woman her art would be better. She is well over seventy. If
only, or I wish is a common thought, which doesn’t disappear because of age, and I think
it’s beaten when we become aware of it and combat it with God’s truth; however, we can’t
combat it when we have nothing to work with, which is where Bible memorization
comes into play.


Bible memorization is hard. For some reason, it seems harder the older I get. Here is what
I do, maybe it will help you. I print off the verses from my books
(, and I give my kids each
one to tape to their walls. I keep one in my room so that I can think about it throughout the week
too. Sometimes these verses will pop into my head at random times months or even years
after I memorized them, and it brings me much comfort.


Life is hard. The more time we spend strengthening our inner spirit, the more strength we will have for those hard times.



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